ESPF DoubleTalk

A dialogue study between speakers of Southern Standard British English and Scottish English (inc. a pilot study with speakers of American English and Northern English)
1 Mar 2010 - 31 Aug 2010
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Final audio, Orthographic annotation, Estimated sensor positions, Disfluency annotation, Original amplitude
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Reference Notes
Map task 1 cs6 (English) instruction giver
Map task 2 cs5 (Scottish) instruction giver
Script reading (Comma Gets a Cure; Scottish version) This script is based on the original Comma Gets a Cure script by Douglas N. Honorof, Jill McCullough & Barbara Somerville (2000). The Scottish version used here was created by Jim Scobbie. Please note that Comma Gets a Cure and derivative works may be used freely for any purpose without special permission provided the present sentence and the following copyright notification accompany the passage in print, if reproduced in print, and in audio format in the case of a sound recording: Copyright © 2000 Douglas N. Honorof, Jill McCullough & Barbara Somerville. All rights reserved. Please also cite Scobbie et al. (2014) when referring to the Scottish version.
Spot the difference (Street)
Spot the difference (Diapix)
Spot the difference (Farm)
Reiterant speech
Repetition task (Dance story) cs6 repeats what cs5 reads out
Repetition task (Loch story) cs5 repeats what cs6 reads out
Shadowing task 1 Story of c5's choice
Shadowing task 2 Story of c6's choice
Vowel space

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All word tokens and their locations in the corpus lexical content_web.xlsx (0 B)